Surprise Piglets!!

Nothing is cuter than a newly born KuneKune piglet!!  Our piglets were born on Easter morning, April 1, 2018 and were a wonderful surprise!!   We didn’t realize that their mother, Miss Piggy, was pregnant until about one week before they were born!!  They are the second litter born to Miss Piggy and Ham Solo and, I will have to admit, are among the cutest piglets around!!  Miss Piggy produces extremely adorable piglets with longer-than-average hair and striking colors.

We began our pigventure almost two years ago when we purchased three KuneKune sows and one boar.  Our original goal was to use the profit we make from the piglets to boost our youngest daughter’s college savings account.  So far, we have used the profits from the pigs to enhance their pens and pigsties and have been able to save a portion for the college expenses.  We are hoping that the longer we do this, the more we will be able to tuck away for her college costs.

The best part of this is that the pigs and piglets are truly adorable and enjoyable for our family.  Sure, there is a lot of work involved, but the payoff is worth the time and effort.

We can’t wait to see what our “pig future” hold for us on Green Acres.  It has definitely been an exciting journey so far!!  Please visit our blog and look around for information concerning KuneKune pigs.  You may be surprised how much joy they can add to your life!!



Far, Far Away

We just drove to Far, Far Away (Alto, TX!) and picked up Snow White and Cinderella to join us at Celebrity Kunekunes. We are happy to have these two light-colored girls to add variety to our adorable herd of KuneKune pigs.

The fellow farmers and ranchers we have met during our adventures in farming have been super friendly and helpful. We have enjoyed getting to know them all and visiting their farms to purchase and trade animals with them. It gives me great joy to meet and interact with people who are thoughtful, kind, prompt, and reliable at every turn. We have definitely not been disappointed in the Texas hospitality of the farmers and ranchers we have dealt with over the past two years.

Just last night, I told my husband that I am grateful for all of the knowledgeable  people we have met along the way during our adventures in farming.  (If you would like to read about our journey, please read my blog at  They have all helped to make our farming adventure more successful, productive, and fun.  We sincerely appreciate them all and hope that we, in turn, have helped them out as well.

The Keepers

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of pigs, you have to admit that KuneKune piglets are exceptionally adorable! We have enjoyed raising our twenty-one piglets for the past two months and it has been difficult to send them off to new homes; however, we are confident that they are all going to great new owners.

We are keeping three or four of our piglets to help add color and personality to our KuneKune herd. We are, of course, going to bring in new piglets from other farms to diversify the blood lines and color as well.

We will be retaining these two girls because they were the most unique piglets in their litters concerning coloring. They also both have extremely friendly and sweet temperaments which is an important breed standard with KuneKunes. The black one with ginger and cream markings is named Priscilla Pigsley. The pint-sized cream one with black spots was given the name Pua because she bears a striking resemblance to the pig in the Disney movie, Moana.   They both look adorable standing with all of the bigger pigs in our huge pig pen.

We are looking forward to watching these two little beauties grow to adulthood on Green Acres to help add beauty and color to our future litters of piglets.  They are both keepers, for sure.

Happy Homes


Well, we officially became true pig farmers today. We found a great home for two of our adorable piglets and watched them drive away in the back of a truck to their new home at Mockingbird Farm.  (*The first picture shows the two piglets in the truck before they leave Green Acres.  The next two pictures show them adjusting nicely to their new home.)

I could not be any happier with their new owners. They visited Green Acres a couple of evenings ago to choose a male and female to take home to their farm.  While they were here, we shared as much helpful information about raising pigs with one another as possible. The couple who runs the farm loves animals as much as our family.  Our piglets and dogs flocked to them immediately to get some extra love and attention. It is comforting to know they will be loved and treated humanely as they help add variety and color to the pigs they already raise on their farm.

So far, we have found homes for five out of our twenty-one piglets. We just received another request via email this afternoon so things are looking pretty good. We will, hopefully, find good owners for all of them. It has been a really fun, positive experience for us so far. We are really happy we decided to go this route on our farm.

Pig farmers. Who would’ve thought?




Some Pig

Well, I can see how Charlotte fell in love with Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web.  Our KuneKune pigs and piglets have proven to have adorable faces and lovable temperaments as well.  It is proven that pigs are extremely intelligent and we see that every day on our ranch.  So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed raising all three of our sows, our two boars, and our 21 piglets.  Please consider purchasing one of our adorable piglets as a pet for your Hobby Farm, homestead, or backyard.  They are easy keepers and have wonderful temperaments.  It doesn’t hurt that they are adorable as well.

Check out our ad on Craigslist for more information.  Thank you!!

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A Pigxplosion

Well, our adventure in raising and selling KuneKune piglets is about to begin a little earlier than we were expecting.  Our three sows and, apparently, very fertile boar have blessed us with sixteen piglets and more on the way.  Stay tuned as we trek our way across uncharted territory on our Texas ranch.